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Jute Bags

Natural Fibre

Jute is a sown crop every year and is mainly grown in India and Bangladesh which contribute to 70% of the world production of jute. Jute is used as packing material for agricultural commodities.

AVEL’s jute bags business model is centered on niche sourcing and marketing as jute bags shares product adjacencies with our existing core products. We source food grade jute bags from India and supply it to the West African origins where we also have our sourcing network for other commodities. Besides other customers we market jute bags to our suppliers which provide us an internal hedge for our business volumes of the product.

Price competitiveness drives success in the commodity packaging materials. Customers want the right quality jute bags at the best prices, delivered on time. AVEL is committed to providing the FOOD GRADE quality jute bags at a fair price supported by timely delivery and customer service in terms of printing the brand names and commodity specifications on the bags.