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What We Are


The AVEL Way explains our way of leading life. Value based Management is at the heart of our Company. Our Vital Purpose: To maximize shareholder value over time.

We fulfill this purpose by leveraging our Core Competencies of managing Sourcing and Marketing structures in countries where we operate and our Supply Chain Management Structure.

Our Vision is to be the most preferred company to work with in the supply chain where we operate. We want to be amongst the top 5 volume players in the core product markets and in services market we participate in.

Our vision calls us to earn and keep the admiration of investors and colleagues, peers and partners, customers, farmers and community members; create value for stakeholders; grow our company—our results, our activities and operations around the world—in a responsible manner.

Our Strategy is to Out Origin both the Origin Trade Houses and Global Trade Houses. We do this by Origin Sourcing, Origin Logistics Management, Intermediate processing, End user Marketing and Distribution and exploiting product –market adjacencies & horizontally and vertical integrations.

At AVEL, our Values help us fulfill our purpose and achieve our vision. They express what we expect of ourselves and each other. They guide our behavior and they serve as the foundation for our decision making. In everything that we do at AVEL, we embrace and embody these values of: Counterparty Credibility, Value creation, Entrepreneurial (Responsive but Systematic) and Team based Operating Style.

Our operating Style & Spirit helps in achieving what we intend to do. It is Open, Accessible, Inclusive but Aggressive, Results Driven, Non bureaucratic and non-hierarchical.